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Persatuan Kenasepak Malaysia

Actually, I am not talking about the recently concluded Malaysia vs Singapore match, but it was reported in the media that a few thousand of tickets for the Malaysia vs Chelsea game a few weeks ago bore the wrong FAM logo, instead of the words Persatuan Bolasepak Malaysia (Football Association of Malaysia), it was written Persatuan Kenasepak Malaysia (Being-kicked Association of Malaysia) with the tiger featuring a bandaged leg and a broken leg.

The logo wrongly-used was this one:
FAM Logo Fake

ProEvents issued a statement that there was no fake tickets during the game, thus confirming that the error on the tickets are real.

It is learnt some 5,000 tickets were printed with the logo and were part of the 20,000 tickets purchased by Maybank Berhad who were going to hand them to school children in the Klang Valley.

Looks like another case of “google image search” job and not verifying the image, just like ESPN Asia did in early 2008 – read about it here.

I tell you, if you have those tickets, KEEP THEM! They might worth something in the future!

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