Grandma’s Revenge

Don’t fight over inheritance money! Especially if the wealthy relative/family is still alive!

grandma's revenge Bernie ad

Fortunately, this is just an advertisement in Ireland! Phew.. still funny though.

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  1. Money is not everything in life.I support her revenge.I think she’s wanna notice someone who’s behind money.She’s wants to spend it somewhere else.Nice sharing…

  2. Fantastic grandma. But i agree with user from first reply. Money is everything for many people, this is true about this world :(

  3. Meidoco says:

    Way to go Good ol’ Grandma :3

    I mean if I’m dying and ppl only care about my property, I rather spent it for myself or give it whole for charity instead. At least they’ll write down “Thanks to Mr. Meidoco for his donation to our…” on their history book.