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“Did you do this Denver?” Dog feels guilty on camera!

This video is so cute! I can’t believe you can actually see the dog showing its guilty face.

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  1. kacikgracza says:

    Omg ! he’s like “I did it..i’m sorry”. Hilarious ;)

  2. Julie says:

    Not good that dog was not smiling he was saying he was sorry.I have owned 5 labs and you don’t punish a dog after the fact.furthermore a crate is not for punishment.It was the owners fault for leaving treats around a lab.Labs put everything in thier mouths.It was the owners fault.Bad owner someone ought to lock that dumb owner in a crate.From the looks of the Lab I can guess the owner beats him.His ears are also back saying please don’t hit me.I can’t believe all the people who think this is cute.Animal cops should pay the guy a visit!

  3. I absolutely loved this video and watched it over and over again. The look on the dog’s face is just priceless and really shows how emotional dogs and other animals can be.

  4. Julie says:


    I came across your post about Denver. Have you seen the youtube video – “Is Denver really guilty?” – An animal behavior researcher talks about the “guilty look” in dogs. I thought you would be interested.


  5. mrbadak says:

    Hi Julie, yes I’ve just viewed it… the video alone can’t prove anything though, but that’s just my opinion.. I’m posting the new video soon. Thanks!


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