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The Art of Flight Trailer

This movie is awesome – seeing these crazy snowboarders flying in slow motion, it takes your breath away.

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  1. Murphy says:

    Wow, I wonder how many time these guys broke their bones?

    Cool.. but most Malaysians will ask, “Why ah? Why they are doing this ah?” :)

  2. Bonfire snowboard pants Like any piece of al fresco sports’ wear, the bonfire snowboard pants are made to last.

  3. This is Excellent Video. The Trailer is Very Good. I really wonder, How many People try to do like this?

  4. Ipad 2 says:

    360p but looks like 720p , HD video is nicely made , love the snow , deadly video … sharing this

  5. I’m so psyched for this film to be in my collection. I moved from a Colorado ski town to Las Vegas last year, and I’m hoping this video will ease the pain (or make it worse). The guys at Brain Farm have made a new work of art that everyone will enjoy.
    Check out this September to get your copy of The Art Of Flight.


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