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Internet Prediction for 2011

yeah – I’m looking forward to the iDesk.

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  1. Ladders says:

    Over the next year people are going to do more research into making purchases and think twice before they get involved in anything. Only the honest marketers and reviewers will survive.

  2. Ladders says:

    some people won’t use the product because it’s just not right for them. Outside of oxygen and water, there aren’t a lot of products that are really for everyone..

  3. used tires says:

    “open source ham” lol okay!


  4. Murphy says:

    i have been reading those predictions over the years. but very rare the writers got it right. even if they did, those trends were already taking place before they wrote. if any1 can predict, s/he will be rich and not being a writer. ;-)

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