Androids from Japan will rule the world someday

Just look at this female android imitating face movements from the guy… creepy.. wait for her smile towards the end of the video.

Soon Japan will start exporting robot maids…

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  1. That is creepy. It’s crazy how real her face looks. I’d want a robot maid for sure, but I don’t really get why they have to look exactly like humans. I’d be just as happy with a little R2D2 running around cleaning and doing the dishes.

  2. I don’t think these Androids or Robots will rule the world someday. But they will surely help the people with the chores. Japan is really great in a lot of things – technology, cosmetics, etc. Nice video! I will share this in my facebook.

  3. Japan they are really good in technology, they create more and more great stuff and I believed one day they will rule the world someday..