Antoine is moving out of the projects

Well – Antoine “they’re rapin everybody out here” Dodson has gotten enough money from the sale of his auto-tuned song and tshirts to move his family out of the projects! Woah… I think karma has worked for his family and hope his sister can overcome the trauma now that they’re not living there anymore.

When Dodson’s sister was attacked in her room in a Huntsville, Alabama housing project a few weeks ago, the family never could have guessed that the event would actually help them move out of the area. Well, it wasn’t the attack exactly, but the local news report about it.

Dodson gave an impassioned, and hilarious, rant to the camera. The rant (“he’s climbing in your windows, he’s snatching your people up”) became the subject of a web video that added auto-tune to create a catchy song of summer. It has 12 million views. (See it below.) Almost overnight, Dodson, a 24-year-old community college student, was an internet meme.

The proceeds from the sale of that song on iTunes, and other merchandise like t-shirts, have enabled Dodson to move his family out of the housing development where his sister was attacked. Both he and his sister Kelly, the victim, say that the circumstances behind the song weren’t funny at all, but they are thankful that it has enabled them to make “a nice amount of money,” as Dodson told ABC News.

“It was enough to move my family from the projects,” he said.


Here’s the song again:

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