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Real Life Barbie

Fresh from the promo video for the latest cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She’s 6’2″ and weights less than a 100 pounds. Miss J could wrap his/her fingers around her waist!

Okay somebody should give her some supplements or something.

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  1. Awesome video. The Gal looking amazing. I wonder to see her waistline.
    He’s having slender body definitely will be the next super model. Looking like a Barbie doll.

  2. How did they do that? Impressive stats.

  3. car battery says:

    That is quite unbelievable. I hope she doesn’t put her body through harmful restrictions to achieve that but very impressive nonetheless.

  4. video on yt has been deleted. and I want to say that i don’t want to f*ck this a little barbie :(


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