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Malaysian woman gave 1.2million to online trickster

How gullible can you be? Well a woman realised she was an idiot for trusting a “friend” whom she had never met only after making 4 deposits totalling 1.2 million ringgit. Not only it was her money, but her mother, sister, niece and her husband’s funds for investments as well.

Madam Lee said the man told her that he was sending 10 gifts for Easter, including a designer wrist watch, perfume, a Louis Vuitton bag, jewellery, a laptop computer, a camera and his latest picture through a courier service in April.

“He asked me to pay RM16,500 as a deposit to claim those gifts, which I did by banking the money into two local bank accounts, but I did no see any gifts in the end,”…

It looks like the Nigerian scam does work only now it’s not being practised by Nigerians only, with this case by a “Briton” (according to Madam Lee, coming from we should treat this information highly suspect).

At least this gives some balance to us, many of us learning and attempting to make money in Malaysia, but others just give it away easily.

News link: Woman loses RM1.2mil to ‘British’ man through Internet

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  1. lol no way! she most be one lonely women


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