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Gross Brazilian footballers’ feet

While everyone is eagerly anticipating the world cup, let us not forget the physical torture of the footballers themselves put their feet through in kicking those balls and running in those shoes. Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) tweeted a picture showing his and his Corinthians clubmates’ feet without the shoes. They are all currently out injured.

Of course his feet is the non-grossest of all, which is far right. To spare his mates’ blushes, he didn’t identify the other feet.

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  1. […] It did get me thinking about what kind of state the Teams feet must be in after so long on the pitch. According to the BBC Sports Academy, Wayne Rooney alone covers on average 11.2 kilometres (about 7 miles in old money). All this jogging, sprinting stop and start action must take its toll on the feet and judging by the picture I have just seen of Ronaldo and his unidentified teams mates feet my concerns are justified. If you really want to see then click here. […]


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