Real life ninjas stopped muggers

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  1. veQue says:

    How anti-climatic

  2. lol that’s like out of the kick-ass movie

  3. Roger says:

    Hmm. An OK story, I guess, but a much better result happened in (if I recall correctly) 1990, in the SAME CITY, when a gang of fourteen youths tried to mug two students in in the St. James’ station subway tunnel.

    The youths were armed with chains, baseball bats, and knives. Seven of them cut of the two guys from the front, while the other seven ran down the side tunnel to cut them off from behind. (Hard to explain that wihtout taking half a page, but if you’ve even been to St. James station, you’ll know what I mean.)

    Unbeknownst to the muggers, their two victims were Wing Chun Kung Fu “si-hing” (senior students / junior instructor, arguably about equivalent to a 1st dan black belt in karate.)

    But unlike this more recent case, only a couple of the baddies got away: the rest were carried away by ambulance, several of them in a coma. As for the ambush “victims”, one need some stitches to a cut scalp, the other was unhurt.

    It was a bit of a nine day wonder in the papers at the time. (I have still a newspaper clipping.) I was so impressed, I took up wing-chun …