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IE6 passed away, funeral held on Thursday

I didn’t know IE6 passed away on March 1, 2010 as a “result of a workplace injury sustained at the headquarters of Google” – heh! Probably Chrome pushed him.. just sayin.

So anyway, his funeral was held on Thursday, you can get all the details and directions to get there at Memories are accepted online, here’s one:

Eddie Fisher: feel terrible admitting this, but… I never really liked him. He had so many hangups, and he looked awful – especially in his later years. But… he was always there when you needed him. You have to give him that.

You have wonderful memories of Mr IE6? Post them here.

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  1. It was cool of the Microsoft team to be humorous on the situation. In reality, I think it would be nice if Microsoft would just outright come out and tell businesses/individuals they need to make the switch.

  2. billf says:

    Ahhhh…one less cancerous browser we have to worry about. Oh wait, we still need to get the 50 billion or so people using IE6 to upgrade :-)


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