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How to know your condom size – Malaysian style

Oriental Daily reported that a youth, who asked a salesgirl for help to buy condoms at a convenience shop, dropped his pants and flashed his private parts at her.

The 17-year-old had gone to the counter and told the salesgirl he wanted to buy condoms at the shop in Kajang on Friday night.

When the salesgirl asked him the size, he dropped his pants and told her that was the size he wanted.

When the salesgirl screamed, the youth ran away. He was detained after the salesgirl lodged a police report.


I’m sure he was a nervous 17-year old virgin and meant no harm when he dropped his pants, besides she was the one who asked what size he wanted haha.

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  1. aw’ that guy is so liberated and non educated…

  2. billf says:

    Ya gotta admit, the guys got balls! Well…maybe :-)


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