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Malaysian Highway Fight

Motorists fight in Malaysia after a minor accident. I suspect both don’t have any basics in martial arts but both of them avoided from getting run over by vehicles. Malaysia Boleh!

The cameraman just kept recording instead of helping, even when one driver told him to “tolong lah” (help), he replied “Lawan oh. Lawan” (it’s a fight).. duh. As if they can’t see what’s happening.

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  1. Polis says:

    oh well, the case can never be solved due to lack of evidence. even if the victim said he was hit by a weapon and the weapon was thrown away, we dont believe that. NO EVIDENCE. *eating donuts*

    polis 1malaysia

  2. There are times in which you fight, and times in which you stand back and record it so you can get more views on YouTube ;)

  3. Damn, the video has already been removed.

    I missed all the fun.. :<


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