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Lip Sync Epic Fail

A Romanian pop singer made a major, embarrassing blunder live on TV – by holding the microphone upside down!

upside down microphone

… and the video..

The unnamed singer from the band Jukebox, appearing on music show Stele-sub-lupa, gave away that he was lip-synching just seconds into the group’s routine by mishandling the microphone, the Daily Mail reports.

Seemingly unaware of his mistake, the singer continues to mime the song while female band members sing and dance behind him.


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  1. Meidoco says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha.. At first from the image, I thought he was holding a champagne bottle and used it as mic, but then I read your comment and realized what was wrong with that “bottle”… X3

  2. Bidet says:

    Haha that is too funny, I wonder when he realized that the mic was upside down

  3. sal says:

    wahahaha!! lucu gila babi!! macam mana la buli buta gitu tu


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