Nothing is really expensive nowadays



  1. Meidoco says:

    I guess ppl who went there just for windowshopping still need to pay $50..

  2. myklikers says:

    haha..nice one. nothing is so really expensive.

  3. Hi,There’s also an SD card slot perfect for taking high-quality photos. There’s a built-in mic, built-in light and some live effects, including black and white, mirror and quite a few more.

  4. Virility Ex says:

    HAHA… now thats funny.. I have never paid $50 for nothing! hehe..

  5. Thank GOD i have never bought “Nothing” … ha ha ha ;)

  6. Thats great u look at your receipt. I never do.

  7. Virility Ex says:

    @ Paul… I never do either… this has probably happened to me and I wouldn’t even notice it! :)