How a squirrel became viral

Prepare yourselves to see a lot of pictures being ‘crashed’ by a squirrel, all thanks to an actual event that happened to a couple of tourists in Banff National Park. A squirrel crashed a photo shoot set by the timer by standing right in front of it and staring into the camera as it shoots. Here’s the picture that came out.



and now, he’s everywhere.


The Crasher Squirrel upstages former U.S. president Bill Clinton and North Korean President Kim Jong Il with other government officials.


As Paula’s replacement.


More pictures here.

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  1. wardrobes says:

    hahaha he’s popular you know.

  2. :-D
    cool little fella’

  3. VickJ says:

    Funny squirrel. Apparently the squirrel wants to remind us that nature is not predictable :)

  4. Meidoco says:

    Hence, a new meme is/was born,lol..

  5. Luke says:

    I love how the camera autofocussed on him!

  6. Winifighter says:

    Hilarious. Not my favorite meme, but it’s funny nonetheless.

  7. Hey it s real photo or trick of photography?

  8. Baby Girl says:

    Too cool, love the videos especially the squirrl.