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Michael Jackson-related links

The media offline and online are still buzzing with Jacko’s passing. His music videos are filling up the most watched videos since he checked out. Here are a few items related to Jacko (i try to find the less popular ones).

Google thought Michael Jackson traffic was attack

Smooth Criminal cover on a violin

Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa (if you don’t know this phrase then you don’t know Jacko’s music). An article touching on the origin of this catch phrase and why Rihanna was sued.

Michael Jackson death: conspiracy theories and unanswered questions : Jacko faked his death? then be prepared for worldwide sightings of him moonwalking.

TMZ Was Far Ahead in Reporting Death – so far ahead that they posted the confirmation of his death a few minutes earlier from his family’s official estimated time.

And something worth posting, Iran + Jacko:

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