Hug Wild Boars for 4D win

Apparently you can strike 4D just by touching or petting wild boars that comes out everynight behind a small Indian temple in Taiping. People are actually lining-up to do these rituals in the hope of getting rich. Of course these are fueled by rumours of people hitting the jackpot of doing this. All they have to do was stroke their papers with their numbers written on it on the boars. Just for a complete “blessing”, you can also stroke your money on the pigs.

For the hardcore, you can hug the pigs.

From The Star:

Apparently, the temple which is located at the foothills near a popular supermarket in Taiping, is well-known among Chinese and Indians, as well as Singaporeans.

Busloads of tourists would frequent the temple to view the 30 to 50 wild boars that appear every night at a designated spot in the temple.

Most of the visitors only have one thing in mind. They would come armed with slips containing four-digit numbers, vehicle grants and ringgit notes to rub on the wild boar.

So apparently, even with the swine flu outbreak (albeit none in Malaysia), these people aren’t afraid of catching it.

With a little google searching, I found these pictures from bloggers (link included).

Pictures above from sembangNtalk (visit for more pictures).

Pictures from (visit for his story)

I don’t know but maybe pig owners in Penampang/Sabah can start this kind of “mania”. Charge a minimal entrance fee but first you have to circulate the rumours of people getting rich after hugging your pig.

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  1. In Sabah, biawak, babi hutan, monyet, ular is equivalent to ‘sayur’.

  2. Erina Law says:

    Hi. When economy is not doing well + people have difficulty in their financial, they are willing to give themselve a try incase they have the luck.

  3. Kay Kastum says:

    Then all of them will win lah? But they all have different numbers pulak..?

  4. Meidoco says:

    “Screw the Flu!! I (will/might) have money!!!!”

    That’s what they probably were thinking… Sian, sian..

  5. Devi says:

    Everybody has own believe, y not give a try………………………
    If u have luck n u will get if not …………………………….
    Any i’m going there this JAN 2010 let c got any changes i will let u all know ……………………………….
    wish me all best to get 4D NUM