Hubby with erectile problems used cucumbers and brinjals

A Malaysian hubby who was having problems with his erection turned to using cucumbers and brinjals during sex with his wife. He got this idea after watching pornographic films. However, if he thinks replacing his penis with fruits would satisfy his wife, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead he is facing jail time for abusing his wife.

?The victim suffered physical and mental anguish because of that. She had pleaded with her husband to stop his improper act,? a source said, adding that she was concerned about her health, besides the discomfort and pain.

The woman, who lives in Kajang, Kuala Lumpur, made a police report on Friday.

She claims her husband forced the fruits into her private part at least 7 times for the past 6 years. The news didn’t report if the vegetables were disposed after their making out session.

Now that’s one house you don’t want to get invited for dinner.


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  1. calvaryzone says:


    need report police meh?

  2. Eagle says:

    This is truly a “WTF” A sadist er. Must take a hammer to knock of his prick.

  3. Meidoco says:

    Edible BJ..?