Burning Sabah flags by Sultan Sulu’s descendants

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  1. deansfam says:

    Yes we will fight. Where can we get off the shelf M-16?

    Alternative is homemade bukakuk lah.

  2. Kay Kastum says:

    Sabah is OUR home. We have every right to defend it!

  3. Pai says:

    i will fight to death no matter what!

  4. mn says:

    let the international court of justice decide who really owns north borneo (sabah). but the problem is, malaysia doesn’t want this dispute to be heard in ICJ.

    raging war is the last resort.

  5. hahahah says:

    dont be stupid
    and dont be silly arrr…

    sabahan ramai ethnic..kaum..
    ko tahu kah siapa jual syabu di sabah?

    cakap bahasa melayu u boleh ker?

  6. hahahah says:

    better u study ur history?
    u do nothing with sabah?

    do u thinks sabahan people like to stand with u? the first thing u do to make ur place safety..

  7. Meidoco says:

    “All the while raising their own flag which was a RED lion insignia on a RED background.”

    Red logo on a red background… LOL HAHAHAHA! So that makes it nothing but just a regular blank red flag.

  8. mn says:

    to hahahah: you go back to school and study proper english! lol!

  9. Tan Sri Likas says:

    org suluk tak berhak claim sabah!!! tak ada dlm sejarah sultan suluk perintah atas kami org sabah…Sabah dan seluruh pulau Borneo adalah milik kerajaan Brunei berkurun2 lamanya..tapi tak ada pun sultan Brunei claim sabah…kami tak bersultan kan sulu,kami mash bersultan kan duli tuanku sultan Brunei walaupun kami dah berpisah dari Brunei…DAULAT TUANKU !!!

  10. sultan says:

    kalau nak kan sabah pastikan kami semua mati dulu, kalau tak kami pun akan bermati matian pertahankan sabah seperti mana kamu pertahankan wilayah kamu selma 400 tahun,ingat kami bukan hamba sultan sulu,dan sabah bukan hak sultan sulu………. belajarla kamu kembali kepada sejarah……… seinci tanah kami di cerobohi se sulu akan kami bakar…..

  11. king says:

    ” Wei’ na tok’ patayun na kamu samua’ kalau kamu ambil ni sabah,………..kena suntuk na kanu semua itu…….

  12. mohammred M.B.suleiman says:

    Sultan,my name is mohammed suleiman.born in Nigeria.but have been leaving in the USA for the past 18 years,and now I have a problem of supporting my farmily back home,because I have a kidney failure.I am trying to see if you can HELP me with some funds or ZAKAT,for me to be able to support my farmily both in the USA and NIGERIA…….any amount of help will help

  13. godfrey says:

    sabah is obviously belongs to the sultan of sulu philippines. sabah is a gift given by the king of brunie which is granted to the sultan of sulu for helping the king in winning the war against the rebelion.

  14. Taher says:

    How come all I see is Chinese looking people(pai, kay) on this site. What do Chinese have to do with Sabah. Go to China you ugly looking flatheads and leave Malay lands. We have enough problems with you squints and flatheads making it worse. At best shutup your not from these lands. It’s good Indonesia got rid of most Chinese. You guys need to leave Malay lands or like I said shutup. You people all look like you have down syndrome.

  15. mrbadak says:

    what the f are you talking about Taher? not only did you just shown yourself to be an arse, the “chinese” ppl that you insulted are 2 sabahan non-chinese locals… and what’s with the childish and racist attitude?

    it’s ppl like you who are the problems in this country. go back to your mama and claw back into that hole.. no wait, i think your mother dont want you back, she’d be embarassed just to be your mother.. just go and kill yourself bro.

    it would be good for the world to have 1 less idiot like u.

  16. Kay Kastum says:

    Taher..Taher… so sad to see people like you. If you really hate other races Chinese or whatnot, and you have such philosophy, then you should not be using a mobile phone because most components are made and assembled in China, the very keyboard that you are using to type those pathetic statement of yours are probably made in China too, your cheap-ass shoes, your clothes, your boss are most probably Chinese….

    Go dig a hole and live in it…oh wait, you need a shovel too. Made in China juga pula…

  17. Pai says:

    hahah! Taher just showed us the stupidity in him.. good job!

    so by saying that, i assume you called yourself as a ‘true’ malay, is it? i tell u what, it’s because of people like YOU that this country have racism issue, riots, war…etc cakap ndak pakai otak, you are such a big disgrace to your own race and your own family, accept that fact. i feel sorry to your family for having such a brainless child like you. i dont think they want to call you ‘son’ anymore. *sigh* just die in hell, bro.. you dont belong to this world..

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