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What happens when JPEG is saved 600 times

The following video shows what will happen to a JPEG image file when it is saved repeatedly with the compression level increased slightly everytime. When a compression level is increased when you saved a JPG file, the quality decreases as well. So see what happens when it is done 600 times.

Generation Loss from hadto on Vimeo.

Advice for noobs, when you’re editing a JPG file, don’t overwrite the original. Just give your modified file a new name and if you’re editing in a Photoshop for instance, save it under the PSD format.

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  1. Tim says:

    I’m a photographer and I know that doing editing degrades and destroys image nformation, but I never seen it taken to that extreme, just by saving it 600 times. thats pretty cool. I need to show that to my students… thanks.


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