Picture of half-naked university students from Malaysia

Recently much hullaballoo were heard in the press concerning a fashion show by students for students that included “half naked” Chinese female students. Being the pervert guy that I am (and million other guys in Malaysia), I went in search for these pictures.

Well this is the picture of one of the half-naked girls.

Okay I’m kidding – that was the kind of picture I was expecting to find of these half-naked girls. In truth, I got that from a google image search. Click on the jump to see the students with skimpy outfit.

The following is the real picture of the “half-naked” university students.

If you call that half-naked, then those in bikini would be 3/4 naked or totally naked? What about those naked? Call it 300% naked! I see these “skimpy” outfit everyday in the street, what with the hot weather we have.

Sheessh. Kicking up a storm over nothing. Furthermore the fashion show is only attended by women.

It was a tame fashion show
China students in a spot over dressing

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  1. Flanegan says:

    Half Naked?

    hahaha When someone say Half Naked i always think about girls wearing a clothes that didnt cover her sholder and showing a lil bit of cleavage.

    Itu bukan Half naked tu… Itu Normal.. hahaha

  2. Kay Kastum says:

    half naked to me is like errr…only covering the main area… hmm this one is fully clothed in KL fashion sense… hi hi

  3. ep71 says:

    aduih..maybe they all wear half breast..ehehe

  4. Meidoco says:

    If this is considered as half naked then… properly dressed is like…. covering the WHOLE body with a huge cloth..?