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Half second delay causes 20% drop in traffic

An important finding by Google, even in this broadband days page loading speed is still the ultimate satisfaction for internet users.

Google VP Marissa Mayer experimented with the Google search engine result page (SERP) showing 30 results instead of 10. The immediate effect was of course the page loading time increase from .4 second to .9 second.

However they didn’t anticipated the huge 20% drop in traffic and revenue. They then asked a group of users why did they hate it – well it seem that the half a second delay “killed user satisfaction”.

Surprising eh? Probably for a big site like the big G every milisecond counts. I remember the old days of developing websites, my former boss would always remind us, if your site doesn’t load under 7 seconds then minimise the size of the page (text and images).

I guess now he should be saying “if your site doesn’t load under half a second, minimise the size!”.


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