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American Idol Contestant Commits Suicide

A contestant from the hit reality show American Idol committed suicide via drug overdose near the residence of Paula Abdul. At first I thought it was because she sang so badly and received a bashing from the judges, so she was ending her life because she couldn’t sing. Well I was almost right, Paula Godspeed did sing very badly and she received negative reviews from the judges. Even Simon said she has too much metal in her mouth (she was wearing braces).

In actual fact, Ms Godspeed was a fan of Paula Abdul – a crazed fan. Her license plate reads “ABL LV” (Abdul Love). She has been stalking Ms Abdul and she and her staff even knew about her. A mental health expert says this is her last resort to link herself to her idol, which is to die near her residence.

Well it doesn’t surprise me, I think there are a lot of crazy people auditioning for that show. I even remember a guy with multiple voices haha.

Anyway, here’s a video of the late Ms Godpspeed during her audition.

news link: Ex-Idol Paula Goodspeed found dead outside judge Paula Abdul’s home

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