Nyac – the sea otter internet celebrity passed away

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Nyac was one of the pair of otters in Vancouver?Public Aquarium that sleeps holding hands with her partner, Milo while floating above the water. Sadly the 20-year old otter?succumbed to chronic lymphatic leukemia in late September 2008. Apart from the cute display of holding hands, her life story was already amazing enough.

She survived the 1989 Exxon?Valdez ?oil spill in Alaska at 6-months of age. Only a handful of other otters survived the disaster. However even with the internal damaged she sustained, she managed to deliver a pup a few years later. While at the aquarium, she won the hearts and affection from the staff, volunteers and visitors.

The following video of her holding hands with Milo has been viewed more than 11 million times to date.

See how she reached out to grab her partner’s hand after they got separated while drifting near the end of the video, it’s so touching and heartwarming! It brought a smile to my face.

Links: Another Youtube video with clips of her history

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