Anyone can get hitched

This piece of news is proof that anyone can get married – even if you can’t get out of your bed! Manuel Uribe, who once hold the title of the world’s heaviest man at 560kg is getting married to his fiancee?Claudia Solis, whom he met 4 yours ago.

They’re getting married on Oct 26th. This will be Claudia’s second marriage but a first for Manuel. Claudia’s first husband died of “respiratory failure” and with Manuel’s condition, he might suffer the same casualty.

That is why she’s also been helping him in his effort to lose weight and so far has lost 258kg.?Eventhough that is half of his peak weight, he still can’t get out of his bed which means he will need some help in getting him (and his bed) to the church.

If the world’s heaviest man, which is a nicer word for fattest man, can get married, any single man can too. Don’t forget he is 43 years old.

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