Non-blinking world record attempt

A Japanese woman tried to break the world record for non-blinking – watch until the end of the video to see if she succeeds.

Okay sorry – it’s just an ad but it sure is funny right? And the woman really controlled her blink especially when she sneezed! And seeing the woman with the big eyes and with the focus of the story on blinking, I was blinking like crazy while watching the video.

Anyway, I’ve tried to search for the actual record but I don’t think it exists (it’s not on the internet, therefore, it doesnt exist :P ). Still, the woman in the ad didn’t close her eyes when she sneezed, that’s a pretty amazing feat in itself.

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  1. ArMs says:

    Haaha funny la…
    But why have to open mata besar2;B

  2. ben says:

    classic ..and this only got 3rd place at Cannes? I wonder what the champion ad looks like.