Servay Penampang Fire : Pics and Videos

To many in Penampang, the Servay hypermarket was a lifesaver and a strategic shopping place. Low price and a variety of items, you can do a whole month of shopping under 1 roof. Yesterday, on the magical date of 20.08.2008, the building was taken down by an inferno that started from the first floor. I was at home when I received an MMS showing the top part of the building on fire. I didn’t know it would be so bad that the whole building would be gone by morning.

Here’s an eyewitness account from a shopper name Stanley Christian, who’s email was forwarded to me:

I was inside the building and trying to buy some goods and all the suddent the fire alarm on alert and there were an announcement saying the building on fire. So people are running to get out from the building and for God sake, someone shouting at us to run faster and darn, we have to run like a sprinter getting out from the building.

Here’s some picture taken (sorry for the low quality and visibility..), using my cheap mobile phone..(…i forgot my camera which i left it in my bag at home.

But the feeling is there watching all the things inside burned, without anything survived (except the person selling mobile phone where she managed to get her phones into a plastic bag and run out from the building). The fire started on the roof at the back of the building. Caused? unknown..let the authorities determine the source.

According to the news report, the fire started from the first floor store room. If I was there and was queueing to pay, I’d run out with my shopping cart, straight to my car but of course, that would be greedy and selfish since there would be helter skelter and I don’t think I can push any carts through.

I just feel lucky my heavily pregnant wife and me weren’t there last night.

Videos and pictures after the jump.

and some videos (not posted by me, via ben)


  1. kay kastum says:

    I saw it from Ben’s too. Just fortunate that no lives was lost.

    On another note, why is it that for your comment form for name, I can’t seem to type anything unless I keep pressing ‘left click’ button on my mouse and type at the same time? … or is it just me?

  2. kay kastum says:

    It was weird doing it he he

    I’m using Firefox browser. But the good thing is, after doing it, when I visit back your comments, it’s now pre-filled.

  3. isa says:

    correct me if im wrong, but i think this is the biggest fire in kk so far this year..?

  4. Adada…ni la ni. terpaksa la pegi b’shopping di servay putatan sdh. Shocked to hear the news.

  5. ben says:

    mrbadak: check out linggaman’s video, i think it’s the best amateur video uploaded to youtube so far (there are 12 at last count).

    isa: probably, est RM30million loss, 78,000 sq ft building.

  6. mrBadak says:

    kay – fixed already. so next time im changing my theme im gonna ask you to do some tests for me. looks like u have some natural bug hunting skills.

    ben – wah got ‘aftermath’ photos from your site. cool!

  7. ben says:

    mrbadak: what to do, hardcore blogger hahaha

  8. ArMs says:

    Damn, another memorial la ni… heehe. For all the cheap goods that’s gone…;B

  9. linggaman says:

    bye2x servay…..

  10. linggaman says:

    During the moment of truth …i was thinking that Penampang Baru will be empty and most of the”small-small kedai” will close, shoppers run to other supermarkets like SHUA KA SENG and GIANTS . Tapi hairan juga,even i stay near by Penampang Baru…i still drive my car to Supermarket Servay ,Putatan.coz the diffrent between servay and the other supermarket. r low price and most of the workers r locals.