UMS kidnap victim continues study from home


  1. Kay Kastum says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine how would I handle such circumstances if my own family was put through the same suffering. I also hope that with the help of her loved ones, she would be able to continue life somehow. I truly respect her courage.

    And to those 2 fellas who did this, I hope you rot in hell.

  2. clement says:

    well, she;s tough, must salute her courage… ums have a lot of cases like this but remain covered up, rape murder and lots of stuff, all not in the papers

  3. nimrodjo says:

    This is the appropriate thing for her…God Bless her…

  4. Shemah says:

    I’m really astounded and really amazed with her courage. Many will take the easy way out when dealing with such terrible tragedy and trauma.

    I hope that having the support and love from her family is enough to get on with her life with minimal nightmares.

  5. edna\ says:

    my family live there. i am just so pissed that a reasonable neighbourhood like that
    can fall prey to acts like this.

    damn those people who tarnished kfp’s image.