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UMS kidnap victim continues study from home

You might be wondering why I post about this news – well it’s because a few months after the UMS student was kidnapped, beaten and raped in an 8-hour nightmare journey in April, there were rumours going around saying that the girl committed suicide.

Though I didn’t really believe it, somehow I knew, even if it was true, I wouldn’t blame her. Not to say that I support suicide but after reading through her experience, I can’t imagine anyone living day to day without those thoughts and experience coming back to haunt her.

However, the Star reported that the girl is still studying from her home back in Sarawak and I felt for this girl. She’s a strong person and I just hope that all the emotional scars will be healed.

“We tried to help her register elsewhere but she wants to continue with us. She is a strong girl,” he said, adding that the second year student had already registered for the programme to study from home.

Following the abduction, assault and rape by two men near a supermarket close to the UMS campus here, the girl has since returned to her hometown to be with her family.

Kamarulzaman said that he was informed that the girl had taken time off with her family and had gone to Australia.

What’s your thoughts on this?

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  1. Kay Kastum says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine how would I handle such circumstances if my own family was put through the same suffering. I also hope that with the help of her loved ones, she would be able to continue life somehow. I truly respect her courage.

    And to those 2 fellas who did this, I hope you rot in hell.

  2. clement says:

    well, she;s tough, must salute her courage… ums have a lot of cases like this but remain covered up, rape murder and lots of stuff, all not in the papers

  3. nimrodjo says:

    This is the appropriate thing for her…God Bless her…

  4. Shemah says:

    I’m really astounded and really amazed with her courage. Many will take the easy way out when dealing with such terrible tragedy and trauma.

    I hope that having the support and love from her family is enough to get on with her life with minimal nightmares.

  5. edna\ says:

    my family live there. i am just so pissed that a reasonable neighbourhood like that
    can fall prey to acts like this.

    damn those people who tarnished kfp’s image.


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