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Hitler’s First Name

funny answer

The man trying to answer the question “What was Hitler’s first name?”. I’m sure inside his head all he could remember was “Heil Hitler!” which is exclaimed in unison with a Nazi salute hehehe.

Pity – he looks kinda smart.

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  1. pinolobu says:

    Speaking of Hitler, I dare say I’m a Hitler buff. Not that I’m a neo Nazi, but just watch that guy’s body language and listen to his speaking tone when delivering his speeches, especially that infamous declaration of war on the allies during WW2: the greatest public speaker who ever lived. He makes Anwar Ibrahim look like a nervous wreck onstage.

  2. Shemah says:

    LOL! Yeah, you’re right.. it’s a pity coz he does “look” smart.. tsk tsk tsk..

  3. ArMs says:

    He should have known! People tend to say Adolf Hitler already kan, not Hitler only… I think.


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