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Christian the lion

Very heartwarming story of Christian the lion.

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  1. mrhenri says:

    wah, so touching,, indeed… sob sob

  2. pinolobu says:

    I first saw this a few days ago – I think it’s the first youtube video that brought
    a lump to my throat. Amazing, it happened so many years ago when I was not
    even born, and the book has been long out of print, and the conservationist
    murdered almost 20 years ago – and now this is back
    in the limelight again.

    I will blog about this at under the title
    “the greatest video ever uploaded to youtube”

  3. Tombivo says:

    Uhhh…very touching. I guess being half brought up in the vicinity of a church must have some touch of God’s love. The 2 sides must have much love with each other that will never fade. This is contrary to the saying that a wild beast can never be tamed forever…
    Humans have a lot to learn from this video.

  4. nimrodjo says:

    Wow bro this is amazing…I have heard of people keeping the lion when it was a cub and release it in the wild but this one still remember them, his friends…many other wild animals don’t remember…this animal is truly a Christian itself…

  5. Iggy says:

    Touchy touchy…


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