World’s first shape-shifting building


  1. ben says:

    I wonder what’s the point – merely aesthetics or something more practical?

  2. LAi says:

    itula…sa tgk smlm d berita tu…fuiyyoo…mmg smart la..klu jadi kontraktor ni bangunan..trus kaya oo…

    – siapa2 yg ada beli d bangunn tu…dia buli parking dia punya kereta lagi d dlm rumah dia…itu yg canggih tu..

  3. Kay Kastum says:

    Banyak duit bah that country kan? What an engineering marvel man!

  4. mrbadak says:

    A video from AP posted on youtube reveals more. I’ve added the video on the post. Check it out!

  5. isa says:

    this buildings will surely need a lot of maintenance since there are many moving parts inside… hehehe…