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Petrol station owners on strike?

Well – I’d say it doesn’t take much to start any chaos in the city huh? People are queue-ing up at the petrol station AGAIN! I get different “facts” from my friends, one say the station owners will be on strike from tomorrow onwards while another one says petrol will be increased to 50 cent.

I have a feeling people are getting misinformed of the petrol station owners protesting over the credit cards commission to the bank, where they are paying 1% for every litre. So majority of petrol station owners will only accept cash from today onwards and not credit cards.

That’s my theory lah besides, I have already filled up my tank this morning haha. I used credit card some more.

BUT, true or not, one thing is for sure today. TRAFFIC JAM! Sheesshhh!

I blame the government lah this, always surprising us with increases in petrol that the rakyat now are suffering from highpetrophobia already.

It was a rumour only – taken from The Star.

KOTA KINABALU: Petrol kiosks were jammed with motorists as panic-buying of fuel was seen throughout Sabah over rumours of petrol kiosks closing down for three days.

The panic was triggered by rumours that petrol kiosk will shut down from Wednesday because protesting kiosk dealers nationwide were demanding higher commissions following the recent fuel hike.

Officials from Shell Malaysia and the Sabah Petroleum Dealers Association stressed that there was no truth to the rumour, and urged people not to resort to panic buying.

Even Maxis sent out an SMS at around 7.30pm with the statement from Shell saying it was not true, but I guess it was too late.

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  1. retard says:

    i had to gas up just now. was stuck in the jam. i had no choice
    because my car was running on empty. so there i was, stuck for an hour in the queue.
    otherwise i wouldn’t bother.

    if the strike doesn’t happen today, you know you are not going to reach home until
    late tonight kan? :)

  2. Kay Kastum says:

    I was just chatting earlier with a fellow blogger in KK. Told me about this too. Haven’t heard anything about KL though. Anyway, this may be a good reason not to come to work? “…boss, baru mau isi minyak ni pagi..tapi tutup pulak”

  3. LydBytes says:

    Dui… gara2 kabar angin sms.. nda pasal2 jem time pulang.. mau jam 7 juga sampai rumah.. siapa la start kabar angin ni..

  4. Domluk says:

    So, after all that, was all the traffic jam and rushing worth it? Or was it only a very unthoughtful rumour??

  5. Domluk says:

    So, was it true after all? :)

  6. mrbadak says:

    Hi Dom (and everyone), just as suspected, it was just a rumour. Click here to read news from The Star (

    Seeing the jams and calling family members who were mostly stuck, I brought my wife and kid to Wisma Merdeka and stayed there until 8pm. Fortunately the jam was back to normal, there were still queues to the stations though.

  7. Domluk says:

    Ahhh, as suspected… must have been such a circus around there… but at least it isn’t true. Such unnecessary panic!

    Sabah Boleh!

  8. SabahanPride says:

    ello ging, read my opinion on yesterday’s embarassing chaos in KK,

  9. Daddy Keaton says:


    kena con. hoax. tipu. All because…our Lovely Country Malaysia.
    Now dunno what will happen..

    Its all since the early of the Year 2008 Happen :)
    Feng-Shui Bad bad bad..

  10. Rice Blogger says:

    i think this people just want to get the hype…so that their gas station will be filled with people again…get cash in advance

  11. Vincent Lee says:

    Muahahaha, I’ve the similar comment with you, Jeff boss.
    Sabahan boleh!

  12. This is unbelievable because “highpetrophobia” as you say happens here in the US as well. The oil companies and our gov’t have just got us by the hook. I’m looking for a nice electric car.

  13. bikini says:

    amazing how much panic a rumor can cause


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