Funny post-election SMS

Yesterday I received an SMS from Jusdy. It goes like this :

“My friend is looking for a job. He’s been working with the Malaysian government for more than 30 years. Experienced in road works. His name is Samy. Please help.”

Haha – hey, it’s bad to laugh at other people’s sad predicament you know (but I forwarded that to my brother as well kekeke) – anyway Mr Samy, happy belated 72nd birthday, maybe it’s time for you to take a rest and just make noise from the sidelines like Dr M.


  1. clement says:

    that’s mean~

  2. Flanegan says:

    All the west malaysian in Melbourne mean towards him..
    I don’t know why~~

    The way they talk they think they so PINTAR..
    really pissed me of Because Samy is a human afterall..


  3. JJ says:

    no…thats not mean clement…hehe
    its a joke… :P muahahahaha

  4. Kay Kastum says:

    I got an e-mail with a resume of him applying a job as well..

  5. ben says:

    there’s a song about samy (cover of cliff richard’s song) [goodbye sam] on youtube, i think by the same people who did the election song b4

  6. Beth says:

    Mean or not, I probably would’ve forwarded it along too.