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PM – can I label him a liar?

Yikes – why can’t he just say “no comment” when the press asked him yesterday? Our journalists are so papparazzi that they will follow him to the toilet that made him tell a lie?

Maybe he’s too fed-up with the many previous reports on the dissolution that he wants to teach the media a lesson – righttttt… so an outright lie will make them believe you the next time.

I know lah no big issue but still.. he’s our PM for crying out loud! Anyway, parliament dissolved.. yeay.. clap clap.. now let the slanging match and empty promises begin! Opps no, wait till nomination day…

I don’t know what to expect when they will paint my nails on election day – I hope they don’t use blue – it doesn’t look good on me!

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  1. Ben says:

    I am voraciously reading limkitsiang, malaysiakini, jeffooi, rockybru, even good old sabahforum for analysis on why such thing happened. Very interesting possibilities so far ;-)

  2. Kay Kastum says:


  3. mrbadak says:

    Ben – let me know if you have any theory on this… i’m not sure if it really is because of anwar…

    Kay – hahaha… ya ya ya correct correct…

  4. Jusdy J. says:

    erm….sapa blum pernah p mengundi???angkat tangan!!!!

    *angkat tangan sendiri*

  5. Bernard says:

    I second that (to Mr Badak and Kay)

  6. Ben says:

    mrbadak: too many theories floating around: KJ, Anwar, 13 being the PM’s favourite number…

  7. nimrodjo says:

    I also can’t understand why he is doing like that….I guess we can call him that after what he did…

  8. Julian says:

    everybody seems to have the same opinion. Its better that you keep quiet than you said parliament wont be dissolved tomorrow. It shows that you are really a big liar…

  9. Tombivo says:

    In this country…this is normal. That’s why Malaysian politics and politicians mentality are backward compared to Japan/West…almost backward to the time of cavemen..:(


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