PM – can I label him a liar?


  1. Ben says:

    I am voraciously reading limkitsiang, malaysiakini, jeffooi, rockybru, even good old sabahforum for analysis on why such thing happened. Very interesting possibilities so far ;-)

  2. Kay Kastum says:


  3. mrbadak says:

    Ben – let me know if you have any theory on this… i’m not sure if it really is because of anwar…

    Kay – hahaha… ya ya ya correct correct…

  4. Jusdy J. says:

    erm….sapa blum pernah p mengundi???angkat tangan!!!!

    *angkat tangan sendiri*

  5. Bernard says:

    I second that (to Mr Badak and Kay)

  6. Ben says:

    mrbadak: too many theories floating around: KJ, Anwar, 13 being the PM’s favourite number…

  7. nimrodjo says:

    I also can’t understand why he is doing like that….I guess we can call him that after what he did…

  8. Julian says:

    everybody seems to have the same opinion. Its better that you keep quiet than you said parliament wont be dissolved tomorrow. It shows that you are really a big liar…

  9. Tombivo says:

    In this country…this is normal. That’s why Malaysian politics and politicians mentality are backward compared to Japan/West…almost backward to the time of cavemen..:(