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Anyone got any commission from Exabytes?

There’s a worrying pattern that I’m experiencing from Exabyte’s affiliate program – IT’S NOT TRACKING ANY SALES!

Yeah you might say I didn’t get any commission as I didn’t sell any package – well I did – I mean I recommended them to my clients and ask them to click through my banner and buy the package, right in front of me and my affiliate commission didn’t increase.

Okay so now you might say that it’s because I was asking people to click on my links – well unlike PPC (Pay Per Click), many PPS (Pay Per Sale) affiliates do allow you to encourage people to click your links as the commission will go through only when a sale is made (money is paid).

Anyway, to be on the safe side, I’ve sent a request ticket to Exabytes and asked regarding this (twice) and yes, they say we can click on our own links and buy the plan, as long as the paying party is different.

So my first sale was added into my account after I made a complaint to exabytes regarding the non-existant commission. This was last year and only after my friend told me that he bought a package through my links.

Here’s the email discussion.

exabytes affiliate program working or not?

exabytes affiliate program working or not?

exabytes affiliate program working or not?

So recently my company’s client wanted a good hosting package and sure enough, I recommended Exabytes and asked them to buy through my links, which they did right in front of me. The payment all has been cleared and their hosting account is running flawlessly – except for my commission!

I hope exabytes didn’t screw this up again and it made me wonder. What if all these years, the sale weren’t really tracked? Or did my client tricked me?

I’m not here to put Exabytes down – I love them. I have so many hosted domains with them and that is why I am referring my clients to them.

So people, prove me wrong. Let me know that you get sale commission credited to your affiliates account. Or maybe you ever clicked on my banner to buy a package and didn’t tell me, you can tell me now and also when was the transaction. Of course, those of you who are not affiliates no need to bother with a reply.

If you have a blog or a website and is not an affiliate of exabytes, then click here to register. For every sale that you refer, you will get RM78! Kewl! Come on – anyone can register, do so here.

Okay back to the topic – please let me know if you got any commission – better still, if you got paid! :)

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  1. That’s a good sum for one referral man.

  2. Daddy Keaton says:

    So lets hope they will pay — ya.
    Then u can spend me a drinks :) lol..

  3. Julian says:

    You are right MB. Dia punya tracker memang most of the time didnt work. Seriously. I encountered many times where i have to manually inform them as well as telling them which domain was registered, then they give me my commission.

    I got paid once already before… now I am short of two more sale to get paid again. So I guess their tracker is affecting everyone. And also I asked them to change their affiliate banner cos now their hosting is 10GB etc etc and got new plans but banner still not updated.


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