No Monday blues – ManU rules at “Anfailed”

Well well well – if you’re a Manchester Utd fan – I’m sure you are smiling since 11.30pm last night and couldn’t wipe the smirk from your face. Of course we buried Liverpool in their own backyard – the win was all the sweeter as there were a lot of trash talking in my community site and it was quite tensed, with LFC supporters really confident of beating Man United after their 4-0 win over Marseille in mid-week.

I guess they didn’t know that Marseille were 4 points off the relegation zone in the French league so they were not in the same class as Man United.

Well we have the bragging rights now and we have to thank this guy for redirecting the ball into the net – right at the Kop’s end muahaha.

tevez scores for manchester united

Glory Glory Manchester United!


  1. nimrodjo says:

    The race is still on for the great four…no team should be overconfident this season…

  2. Jusdy J. says:

    nampaknya ada kata2 di atas ni.hehehe..

    ini mau di bawa dr forum klu masuk cni ni..mau ‘bcakar’ juga drg di blog ko ni…ekekekekekeke

    ehem….anyway to Liverpool fans….i’m sorry coz ur 26 or 27 goals in 7 games is not enuf to beat Mannyoooo…try 54 or 100 goals in 7 games…maybe.. M.A.Y.B.E u can beat MU…maybe a….


    nah…minum dulu..ekekeke

  3. Tombivo says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan so please…careful with your words. Afterall a devil is not a nice name either, right?? :) just like my nickname here in KDM…hua…hua…hua… anyway, whatever happen YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!

  4. mrBadak says:

    relax bah bah bro tombivo hehehe… im sure u can have your day nxt time… in the meantime… just tahan saja :P

  5. LeoFantasia says: