There are no IT Professionals in Borneo


  1. Kay Kastum says:

    Some folks here in Semenanjung Malaysia even asked me, “ why did you decide to come all the way from Sabah to Malaysia to work? I was like huh??

  2. clement says:

    well, maybe because the it industry here is just not as developed, if not none

  3. sunsuron says:

    I am really interested to know the IT industry in Sabah too. Plan to go back there for good but afraid the market is not what I expected.

  4. edgar says:

    sunsuron: need to be very brave to open an IT business. network is key.

    i’ll try to check a friend of mine if he already started his IT company.

  5. sunsuron says:

    To open an IT company in Sabah is like way beyond my wildest dream :) Nevertheless, I like that idea and why not. As for now, I want to know what other people have achieved and most important, their mistakes in the past.

  6. Doreen says:

    walaweh, they think we’re (Sabah n Sarawak) just ‘negeri naungan’ meh!!!

  7. nimrodjo says:

    I’ve heard a Uni student said this “Jadi kamu dari negara Sabah?” I’m amazed that that person become a uni student…what? Their Geography text book no Sabah state ka?…Since when Sabah become “negara”?

  8. gaman says:

    Kay, biar betul begitu.. budu juga tu hehe

  9. Tombivo says:

    many malayas have never consider sabah @ sarawak true malaysian states… and when their brand of politics invaded us,buduh…ramai pi sokong dorang pula…just like supporting the kempetai during ww2.
    now about IT…don’t tell me that puny perlis has more to offer! piii laaa….

  10. Tombivo says:

    now about those stoopids wm who do to u…i think they’re more occupied about how to get lots of money and political power than learn geography & history…that’s one reason our u’s are of low standard! gerammmmnyaa….

  11. clement says:

    really? is there a negara sabah? sorry, i was following the comment, just couldn contain myself… ha ha, but i think they have to stamp their passport everytime entering the state makes them think sabah is a negara

  12. nimrodjo says:

    Yup Clement, that is exactly what they think of ‘negara’ sabah and ‘negara’ sarawak…

  13. Tombivo says:

    Ohhh…but of course it was negara Sabah + Sarawak + Persekutuan Tanah Melayu = Malaysia. After that it was then 14 negeri – 1negeri (singapore) = Malaysia. how i wish our respectful rights is that of 1 of 3 instead of 1 of 13..:(

  14. C says:

    ignorance is bliss