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Leave Britney Alone!

chris crocker
Do you know about the hoo-haa regarding Britney’s awful performance during VMA last week? Well the media gave her bad reviews for the half-hearted performance. While I’m not pretty sure how much it affected Britney, the paparazzis did catch her without underwear (again), maybe that’s how she handles stress.

But one person who was really affected by the bad reviews was one 19 years old Chris Crocker, a Britney hardcore fan. He posted a dramatic video of himself crying and pleading for everyone to “leave Britney alone”.

Of course, what follows was an unsurprising, predicted feedback from the general internet public, which is ridicule, laughter, gay-bashing (well he looks like a girl) and mostly, if not everything negative.

As I was watching the video of Crocker crying, I didn’t know whether I should stop or continue watching it. All the hairs on my hands were on their ends and I was nauseated.

Anyway, see if you can stand to watch him cry. Do you feel pity for him or you feel his tears (if any) for Britney were worth it?

As usual, there are numerous video responses. Of course, my pick is Seth Green’s “Leave Chris Crocker alone!” video.

So now you know, don’t talk bad about Britney!

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  1. vickna says:

    i nearly fell off my chair watching this!

  2. pinolobu says:

    Oops, I spoke too soon. Total classic – this is the next Internet legend. Forget the Chocolate-whatever song, or even the Evolution of Dance song – this will surely get 100 million views. Chris Crocker is a genius. Seth Green deserves the creation of a Nobel Prize for Humour. I have not laughed so hard this year.

  3. mrhenri says:


  4. pinolobu says:

    As testament to the superiority of youtube over other video sharing sites as a marketing machine, at the time of writing, the dailymotion video only got 32K views, while the one at youtube already got 6 million views in a mere 6 days!!! This is even quicker than Miss South Carolina?!

    mrbadak, you got to see Chris Crocker’s “dad” doing his own video at Jimmy Kimmell show – it’s slightly better than Seth Green’s take.

  5. Kay Kastum says:

    Wargh!!! kA ka ka..
    Maybe he’s just making this up. But he’s famous so what the heck. Leave Chris Crocker alone!! wuah..!

  6. sunsuron says:

    Yuck! Ptui! Chris Crocker disgusting!

  7. pinolobu says:

    Incredible. YouTube has made ordinary guys (and gays) like Crocker able to trump giants ABC and Fox.

  8. mrBadak says:

    hehe.. i saw his ‘dad’ video, kinda short.. anyway, here’s Chris on Jimmy Kimmel show – Chris is a funny dude, I really hope that he was into this weird female online character and he doesn’t live his life like that… his grandma would’ve had a heart attack!

  9. pirut says:

    gosh! wat a F****** tears there! haha..

  10. pinolobu says:

    After 17 days, it’s on almost 10 million views.

    After scrutunising the parodies, I have compiled a list of the best.
    My favourites are the simple Chewbacca Version and the hugely danceable Trance Remix.


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