Leave Britney Alone!


  1. vickna says:

    i nearly fell off my chair watching this!

  2. pinolobu says:

    Oops, I spoke too soon. Total classic – this is the next Internet legend. Forget the Chocolate-whatever song, or even the Evolution of Dance song – this will surely get 100 million views. Chris Crocker is a genius. Seth Green deserves the creation of a Nobel Prize for Humour. I have not laughed so hard this year.

  3. mrhenri says:


  4. pinolobu says:

    As testament to the superiority of youtube over other video sharing sites as a marketing machine, at the time of writing, the dailymotion video only got 32K views, while the one at youtube already got 6 million views in a mere 6 days!!! This is even quicker than Miss South Carolina?!

    mrbadak, you got to see Chris Crocker’s “dad” doing his own video at Jimmy Kimmell show – it’s slightly better than Seth Green’s take.

  5. Kay Kastum says:

    Wargh!!! kA ka ka..
    Maybe he’s just making this up. But he’s famous so what the heck. Leave Chris Crocker alone!! wuah..!

  6. sunsuron says:

    Yuck! Ptui! Chris Crocker disgusting!

  7. pinolobu says:

    Incredible. YouTube has made ordinary guys (and gays) like Crocker able to trump giants ABC and Fox.

  8. mrBadak says:

    hehe.. i saw his ‘dad’ video, kinda short.. anyway, here’s Chris on Jimmy Kimmel show – Chris is a funny dude, I really hope that he was into this weird female online character and he doesn’t live his life like that… his grandma would’ve had a heart attack!

  9. pirut says:

    gosh! wat a F****** tears there! haha..

  10. pinolobu says:

    After 17 days, it’s on almost 10 million views.

    After scrutunising the parodies, I have compiled a list of the best.
    My favourites are the simple Chewbacca Version and the hugely danceable Trance Remix.