The Whizzinator

Competition is getting tougher each day and there’s no denying this too in the world of sports where there are documented records that need to be broken. Athletes are pressured to better previous record holders or just to maintain their place among the elites.

The use of performance-enhancing drugs is creating a cat-and-mouse game between “dishonest” athletes and drug-testers. Newer drugs are often produced to outrun the testers.

However, a company in the California came up with a gadget with the simplest idea of outwitting the enforcers. That idea is using a fake penis to inject fake and clean urine into the tubes.

Their product includes a dehydrated urine (powder form), so when an athlete is called up for a urine-test, he only needs to mix water to the powder, add the solution into the fake weiner, wear it and be confident.

whizzinatorThe fake gadget looks so real, you can fool even if the testers are watching you close when you are passing urine. It comes in several skin tones including white, tan, latino, brown, and black.

This whizzinator was a low-profile product priced at USD$150 but in 2005, Onterrio Smith, a US football running-back was caught with the paraphenilia in the airport, effectively raising its profile and alerted the drug enforcers.

And the manner he was caught at the airport was also accidental. Something in his bag set off the security alarm system and upon checking, they found a harmless battery as the culprit but they also found a powder-substance which they suspected to be drugs. It was later found out not to be any type of drugs but actually the dehydrated urine that is part of the whizzinator.

I’m not sure if the drug-enforcers in this part of the region know about this gadget, because with our asian values still in-tact, I think our authority will only take a short glance at anyone’s tool during any test. And that is if they decide to look (if I was a drug-enforcer, I won’t look – yikes, even if I go to the toilet and had to piss on those wall-thingy, I try not to look downwards as I don’t want to accidentally see anyone’s weiner)

The website do ship the product internationally though they don’t offer any in “asian” size :P

Product website (with pics – don’t visit if you get offended easily by plastic penis :P )


  1. Bernard says:

    Hahaa..Lawak sia tingu tu **** plastik. Now day people are getting smarter.

  2. Kay Kastum says:

    Hmmm.. I know a few friends who may need this. Hey, let’s be the sole distributor! :P

  3. pinolobu says:

    The testimonials section is hilarious – self-depreciating humour perhaps? I thought they’d be dead serious about this thing.

    Probably drug busters need to be retrained and the rules changed – totally naked, full frontal while taking the piss. offers a unisex version, several times cheaper at USD50, although it doesnt come with the fake penis, i think it’s more suitable for female drug cheats.