In-car Google Local Search

Google in partnership with BMW has announced an in-car google local search, where you can do a business or service location search using BMW’s in-car navigation system. The search result will then be shown through Google maps. This service has started in Germany.

Well – looks like those who wants to be a chauffeur, specifically driving a BMW, will need to know how to use the Google map search. I think this kind of service is really useful and a life-saving tool for ambulances and paramedics, in case they need to reach to a location like pronto. Of course, they need to install this on the ambulances and firetrucks.

Soon we’ll see warning signs on the road “No Googling while Driving”.

Watch promotional video ad by Google and BMW after the jump.

Well while we’re on this news, there are reports that Apple and Volkswagen are working together to produce an “iCar” – that would be cooler.