Smiling Animals

Here’s a gallery of smiling animals – well it seems like they are smiling lah. Do you think animals can smile?

Caution! You MUST be smiling too if you want to see the rest of the pics!

smiling animals lamb
Odoiii.. cute nya!

smiling animals cat

smiling animals dolphin

smiling animals cat
this pic looks fake.

smiling animals dog
dog looks like he’s telling a funny joke : “then right.. the cat put out her arms like this.. heehee”

smiling animals dog
dog : hahaha that’s so fannnieeee.

smiling animals puppy

smiling animals squirrel
I’d be smiling too if I am scratching right on the spot heehee.

smiling animals terrier

smiling animals bird

smiling animals gorilla
Still scary.

smiling animals duck

smiling animals goat


  1. LAi says:

    i think some of them have been ‘photoshop’ed la…:)

  2. Mr. Triple D says:

    I like the second pictures becoz my cats at home usually smile when they are full! (Eating ikan basung!) :)

  3. Kay Kastum says:

    Maybe Lai’s right. Looks a bit suspicious..

  4. mrBadak says:

    well i can’t be too sure if they’re all fake EXCEPT the bluish bird – actually that’s a parakeet found deep in the jungles colombia and its called the bird mona lisa because of its smiling beak (

  5. Mallory says:

    Actually, dogs showing teeth is often a sign of agression. Apes ‘grinning’ is actually their expression of terror. It looks to us like they’re smiling, actually they’re scared out of their wits.

  6. angry roy says:

    no one likes a know-it-all Mallory. twat.
    and i don’t like these fuckin creepy/fake pictures.