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Anatomically Correct Tattoo

This is weird, when I saw this picture of an anatomically-correct tattoo, it looked freaky familiar.

freakiest tattoo

Then I remembered… it was almost the same as the exposed hand that was bitten by the rattlesnake which I posted yesterday.

Iiiihhh yikes! Anyway, this is a tiny collection of anatomically correct tattoo, as the first picture show. If you’re like me, wanting to get a tattoo but just waiting to find the perfect design, then maybe this type of tattoo is what you want.

Another sample.

skeletal tattoo

More samples here.

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  1. Joan says:

    nda la sa mau minta tatoo cam wat movie dat a..the guy can hilang his skin layer by layer tu..first skin then muscle then bones..

  2. mrbadak says:

    Ooo.. itu halimunan man.. eh holomen (Hollow Man).. si Kevin Bacon jadi invisible tu.. ni movie details tu

  3. Gtatoo says:

    These tattoos are truly out of the common and look really good.


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