New social-news site on the block

thoofEver since the success of digg and later its publicly-discussed shortcomings, many new websites have sprung up, perfecting what is lacking on digg and also on other site spin-offs. One such website is Well one thing for sure, most of them have funny names, I guess the more tacky it sounds, the easier it is for users to remember.

Thoof tracks the rating for each submitted piece just by counting the number of clicks each one receives. After the user click on it, a new window will open with the original page. After you close it and return to thoof, the user can click on another link which says “Not interesting” (of course if the article was not interesting to you). This will ultimately give the article a decrease in its rating.

One of thoof’s strenght is its personalized news. Say if you always click on news with the politics tags, thoof will know this and when the next time you go to the site, it will display more articles with the tags politics for you. You won’t even know it but thoof works in the background. Now that’s what I call personalized news.

Each article has its own ranking based on percentage. Authors of these stories can place a thoof badge on their own site which shows the ranking of the article itself.

Another feature is you can give your recommendations for changes to the article, maybe like changing the title or the content itself. This can be done especially if the user who submitted the articled used misleading titles or maybe there is a typo.

But what I really like about thoof is the infinite content on the main page. If you click the vertical scroll bar near the bottom, new articles will appear, saving you a lot of bandwidth as only a few new articles will appear at a time.

Maybe this is how they got the name for it, you know as the article will appear at the bottom from nowhere with a “THOOF!” sound hehe.

Well this one surely goes into my bookmarks. Go here for your own personalized news and see if it deserves to be in your bookmarks!