Negarakuku rapper to be recalled and probably jailed


  1. hah says:

    hahahah….apa laa u….u think JPA sponsor student from chinese high school aa? JPA sponsor student to study in China, Taiwan ? they didn’t even recognize their degrees….so u need to learn more before u start blogging and made urself look like a fool dude!!!!!!!!!!!

    they are pissed bcoz he told/sing the truth, period.

  2. Ben says:

    Link to The Star article broken.

  3. mrbadak says:

    thx Ben. Link fixed.

  4. How could anyone be so stupid? Don’t they know that anything they do online will always come back and bite them eventually?

  5. mrbadak says:

    hi hah. nxt time, read before u comment lah. i didn’t even confirmed that he was sponsored by the govt.. i said *IF* indeed… go and get yourself an education before making YOURSELF like a fool.

    oh wait, u posted anonymously, so you’re nothing but a coward of chicken coop. period.

  6. Mr. Triple D says:

    ya lah, mr badak said IF.. but this thing is sensitive issue since race and religion is involved. A good move by u mr badak for not embeding the movie here..dont want to hear about a fellow sabahan blogger doing ‘ketuk ketampi’ later.. lol :)

  7. sunsuron says:

    If he is a sponsored student, he is in trouble. If he is not, ROCK ON! LOL…

  8. Flanegan says:

    He’s a Bomb Trigger….
    He insulted his own country…

    Thank God Sabah don’t have any of this problem cos most of our dinding are soundproof… hahaha

    Althou the surau in my place just 3KM away.. Sia masi buli tidur sampai 2-3pm..

    I miss Malaysia.

  9. aryst says:

    Another wake-up call for all out there who is trying to do a foolish things like this…kanapa la tida bole duduk diam2…some more, the fellow send the video to YouTube…as for HAH, we sabahan bloggers don’t like a rude comment like that…don’t wori mr. B…we are behind u (hiding…hehehe…tida ba)…

  10. havuk says:

    by having a website ( and putting it on youtube, he clearly want this to be out in the open and not hiding. he even jokes about the posibility of being in jail.

    fool or not, he already got what he want, his 15 minutes.

  11. LeoFantasia says:

    Yo Mr hah…..i work here at JPA…where do you got all of that nonsense information…???…Blow Me…

  12. Hah, I’d have to agree with Mrbadak, put a little more tought into what you read, get your facts right, then only you can make some intelligent comments. If you have nothing intelligent to say at all, then just please shut up.

  13. Pai says:

    oh man.. i embeded the clip in my entry oo! damn im in trouble! going to remove it now!

    aryst, thanks for the reminder man, although my intention to post the entry is just to express what i feel about it.. nevermind, i have to remove it now.. i dont wanna go jail coz i cant check my email in there everyday.. :D

    Mr.Badak, no worry man, we’re behind you if anything happen.. and i didnt get any scholarship too, degree application also all rejected.. we’re all the same here.. peace!

  14. Ed says:

    when he lambasted the country’s policies it’s ok for me haha (gomens aren’t perfect at all) .. wanna make fun the national anthem (make sure he knows that there are laws prohibiting such act) – but playing race/religion card and trying to look at racial supremacy, this and that, don’t expect that everyone will sing the same tune …

    simply, the guy never mix with other culture, too distinct in his own circle, cannot differentiate between government, policies, race, religion (yes some people think that race == religion)

  15. Kay Kastum says:

    Well. I’m very sure he knows what will happen the moment he finished editing his video and uploading it to youtube. He would have expected the government to make an issue out of this. Very bold indeed. ;D

  16. superdez says:

    erk gotta edit mine too (2nd-ing pai)

  17. sunsuron says:

    At least 2 news I read today confirming that he is not a government sponsored student and there is nothing practically that the government can do about it.

  18. Davelynne says:

    It’s a creative way of expressing cinta pada negara but i think he has gone way beyond the border… Tau taulah kalau Malaysia… Even wife of RPK yang don’t blog pun bulih kena investigate polis…

  19. Live free, Live without a Tongkat says:

    Msia goverment may take most of our freedom away, but they cant take our freedom of thought