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Security Cam Exposes Slip and Fall Scam

I think store owners should take heed in this news, a security camera that was installed to catch thieves caught a bonus and effectively protected themselves from being sued by a shopper in the shop.

slipped and fall scamThe incident started when a woman slipped and fell over a puddle of olive oil on the floor in the store. When a staff was there to help, she fell again. An ambulance was called in and she was taken to hospital.

When the store owner reviewed the video, he found that it was odd that she fall forward as normally, people slip backwards.

So he rewinded more and caught the woman opened a bottle of olive oil from the aisle, poured it onto the floor and went away. Then a few moments later she came back and ahem, slipped.

The store owner has this to say

“It’s not about getting even, it’s about her getting things right,” said Diaz, “because she’s going to try to sue me, sue the store for whatever happened, so I have to make sure everybody knows this is a fraud.”

Hmmm. If you see someone pour something over the floor and went away, you go and “slip” there before he/she comes back. Then *you* sue the person who poured the stuff and also the store owner for not keeping guards over “irresponsible” shoppers.

Link : See news and video here.

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  1. aryst says:

    Another story to be emulated by shop owner…


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