Monkey stealing peach

funky kungfu stance

Okay guys, don’t let *any* monkey steals your peach!

Girls! Learn how to steal any guy’s peach.. especially criminals!

My favourite quote from the pic

.. jerk the hand sharply back to the near hip, effectively ripping away the genitals. Massive blood loss causes death.

Really ah? Can rip away using bare hands? Yikes!


  1. Kay Kastum says:

    Hopefully the guy don’t kick us in the face beforehand..

  2. clement says:

    they remove the whole thing like that? whao…

  3. cindy says:

    Wahhh.. good info. Must keep this in mind!

  4. aryst says:

    Gotta be fast like monkey…otherwise, BAM…your face ‘hancur’

  5. Davelynne says:

    Uhh… I’d prefer to stick with kicking jak lah…