Over the top photoshop


  1. aryst says:

    Is this a joke or what? I thought Photoshop are used to make the photo look alive…this is the opposite…

  2. Davelynne says:

    Hmmm… Heheheheheh~

    I love this!

  3. FazedCH says:

    Davelynne, you are one sick freak.

  4. hanna says:

    these kids look soooooo fake & whats up w. the bald kid magically growing curly brown hair?

  5. Luke says:

    Wow those photos are very creepy looking. Why would someone do that on purpose and do they think it looks good?

  6. Tim says:

    whats the point

  7. Tim says:

    you can have this done and store it for for 30 yrs and then show everybody what you looked like. It is like inanimate cloning

  8. callie says:

    they look like those police re-creations of dead people..or even the retouched victorian photos of (you guessed it) dead people-the kind they would paint their eyes open to make them look as though they were still alive- gads..this woman really needs to find a different line of work- or not quit her day job at McDonalds…eeeeeek!

  9. this is certainly interesting use of photoshop!

    you have managed to make these kids look like dolls – was this the aim?

  10. sherief says:

    it looks completly fake .. they are a very professional retouchers but they don’t have a sense , check this samples here it looks very sample and good retouching photo retouching

  11. ‘Over-Photoshopping’ is always the opposite, lazy, corner-cutting retouching. Too many tutorials about ‘magic-fixes’ that don’t exist. Gaussian Blur is not a good look on skin, never has been and never will be.

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