Don’t answer the phone

George Agdgdgwngo Especially if it’s someone named George Agdgdgwngo (pic left), he is actually an African scamster who’ll try to get hold of your bank details using stupid stories to lure you into giving him access to your cash.

I’m kidding right? Yes I am.

Actually George is one of various fictional characters by fonejacker, a guy who’s addicted to making prank calls. It’s a tv-show from UK.

I’ve just watched the one about the “pigeon found in the bank account” – it’s funny. The guy even surrendered his bank account together with the security question and answer! Social engineering at work (watch below).

My favourite line from that video

..pigeon that has been spending a lot of time in the air-conditioning unit. As you know sir, when you have spend a lot of time under the airconditioner, you potentially catch a cold. So basically, you have a pigeon who potentially has a bird flu inside the vault of the bank..

Hahaha. Even the african accent made it even funnier.

Another one is Mr Doovde, he calls up an electronic shop and pronounce DVD as Doovde, LCD as Look-ede and JVC as Joovc. Though the victim became angry, he was also using the same pronounciation.


Fonejacker on Channel4


  1. leslie says:

    The africans have real talented. I have lostr count the number of emails I have received from them.

  2. Hilarious video’s. LOL! If you’re convincing enuf, you could fool a lot of gullible people out there …